October 11, 2007

Co-sleeping, is it a good idea??

My DBF Michael suggested I go to different parenting forums to get some ideas for my blog. I don’t know if that was such a good idea or not because it seems that rather than giving my parental suggestions, I’ve been in a number of heated debates. One of them was over co-sleeping. I know when people go thru a divorce and they are use to having someone else in bed with them, they tend to lean on the child for support. It’s a security thing…and maybe if the child is older, I could see one night or two in a new place to help you both feel better. However, I don’t get people that let their children sleep with them from day one. I think it’s very dangerous for the child, especially if there are 2 people in the bed already. You could roll over on the baby very easily and suffocate them. One night leads to two, which leads to months and then years. They make cribs for a reason because a child is SUPPOSE to sleep in their own bed. My sister has a 4 & 5 year old that STILL don’t sleep thru the night and they both have their own rooms. My sister usually winds up on the couch. Now, please tell me, why would anyone start such a habit that you will end up needing to break, as the child gets older?? If you start them out in their own beds, then it will save you and your child the torture and endless nights of fighting with no sleep to keep your child in their room and/or bed?? To me, its common sense, but there are a lot of people out there with very heated opinions on this topic. They feel that it makes the child feel more safe and secure?? Huh?? Children have been sleeping on their own for centuries, now all of sudden they aren’t feeling safe and secure there?? I believe security comes from the way the child feels with the parent. It has nothing to do with the location of their sleeping quarters. Am I just being difficult and not understanding the logistics here?? Sex needs to continue after a child is born…that’s what people do. How in the world can you have a sex life if there is a child sleeping in bed with you?? Please don’t tell me that it gets put on hold until the child is done sleeping with their parents?? Days, Months,Years?? And we wonder why the divorce rate is so high…people with children aren’t getting enough sex!! That’s the answer. Do yourself a favor, don’t start habits that you know you’ll need to break later in life. They are OK in a crib, really…I promise it won’t damage them if they sleep alone.

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