October 7, 2007

Cheap Holiday Gift Ideas

I know what its like to dread the holidays because of little to no cash flow. I’ve done it since I became a single parent in 1993. For me, the priority was always my kids. I bought for them first and what ever was left over, I spent on my family. Its a lot easier when the kids are younger because the expenses aren’t quite as high dollar as the older kids…however, with all the new computer and video game technology, the kids are starting younger and younger. Here are a few cheap Christmas ideas I wanted to share that you can use for friends or family:

Family Pictures - Every year until my oldest son went in the military, I would get their pictures taken and pass those out as presents. If you play your cards right, you can get great deals around September and October. I would buy the frames at Wal-Mart or Big Lots and everyone loved them

Craft Bag - This can be done very reasonably. Take a large shoebox, and fill with odds and ends that can be used to make things. Cotton balls, tissue paper, glue, markers, paper, etc. Be creative. Even things like buttons and ribbon.

Makeup Kit - This idea is great for teen girls. Take a shoebox and fill with nail polish, polish remover, cosmetics, etc. You can cover the shoebox and write their name on the top of the box.

Garden Gift "Basket" - For the garden lover. Use a large clay pot for your "basket" fill with seeds, gloves, tools, plant food, etc.

Foaming Vanilla Bath -
1 cup oil (any vegetable oil)
1/2 c. liquid soap
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup honey (optional)

Blend the ingredients together. Shake well before using. Use 1/4 cup per bath.
You can be very creative with the packaging of bath products. Take an empty wine cooler four pack (complete with box). Spray paint the box white (or gold or silver). Sponge paint with contrasting color. Wash labels off of bottles but keep the lids. Decorate the bottle with paint pens, with designs like squiggles, etc. Pour foaming bath in each bottle, close lids and put in box. Gifts for the Kids You don't have to break the bank to give kids practical and fun gifts that they will actually use.

If anyone else has some great ideas for gifts, please feel free to share. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Christmas done and paid for before it actually happens and with no lingering credit card bills? I will post your ideas and give you full credit!!!

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