October 22, 2007

The Perfect Woman

Wouldn't it be great if every woman was perfect? We never had to diet, we never had to exercise, we didn't feel the need to compete with other women because we were all considered equal?? We could eat what we wanted, wear what we wanted and never be judged by society. Now its time for a reality check. That's just not how it is. Men look at models and wish that their women could be like that. Why? Women starve themselves because they are striving to be perfect. I feel sorry for movie star's...ya, they're rich and have all the money happiness should be able to buy but are they happy? The critics are harsh and so is the public. A woman cant even have a little extra water weight without someone claiming she has a baby bump. I'm tired of being compared to women that only make up 10 percent of the population. Do men realize that those pic's they look at in magazines are modified by computers? Do teenage girls realize that? Although, I must say, not all men are judgemental. How come women don't judge men the way we are judged by men?? Its OK for a man to be short, fat, and bald...those are usually the ones that are requiring perfection from their women. Its a total double standard. I'm not against diet and exercise, I actually like doing something for myself and having people notice but I just think its unfair that women are judged by their body size by men that don't attend the gym on a regular basis and sure aren't a Brad Pitt look alike. I don't know, its a mystery to me. I just think that women have it rough. It sure would be nice to be judged for who you are rather than what size you wear. What is a mans idea of the perfect woman?? Hmmmm, I guess that all depends on the man. Ive always been myself, far from perfect, and have never had a problem in the man department (well, finding one anyway) but for women that have self esteem issues, don't live your life feeling inferior to the competition. Feel good about who you are. Your happiness is what's important. Don't compare yourself to Victoria Secret models, not only is it stupid, its not reality.


katherine. said...

it is a double standard...oh well...smile.

thecabinet said...

One thing to remember is that the standards for beauty change...Today Marilyn Monroe would be considered a BBW and be doing Jenny Craig commercials...but in her time she was the epitome of beauty