October 17, 2007

Parenting Forums

I have ventured on to parenting forums recently to check out what they have to offer and maybe give a little advise on the topics I know something about. However, I dont get it. What in the heck is a Moderator and why do they think they know all?? Ive only gone on to one website, so I probably shouldnt judge them all by this encounter, but the people Ive talked to crack me up. We got in a debate today about a 3 and half year old that still breast feeds. Am I the only one that has an issue with this?? If a child is old enough to tell you they are hungry and can reach around and undo your bra, isnt it time to ween them?? The whole thing disturbs me. And then you have these Moderators who come on and give you crap about your responses and it's the same people all the time. What makes them think my opinion isnt as valuable as there's and why do they constantly pick a fight with people that leave their comments?? I think they need to venture over to the blogger world if they think they have something valuable to say. I am willing to listen to both sides of a story but dont attack me for giving my opinion on the subject matter. I find myself getting really pissed and wanting to talk to these "so called" experts about where exactly their heads are located and if their brains are in there too. If these women have nothing better to do than hang out on the computer all day long waiting for the next response to the 50 conversations that are going on, who's watching the children? Im sure you can get alot of useful advise if you talk to the right people but I have yet to prove this in my recent experience. I guess if you have a question that you need help with, you can post it and hope to get some answers but if its the same nit-wits giving all the advise, where is the education there? What if they are parents of young children are your problem is with an older child? I imagine some people get the help they need but I think there needs to be a forum for single parents. If there is one out there that someone knows about, can you let me know? It would be nice to talk to parents that know and relate to where Im coming from. As for the website I was on today, forget it...Im done.


Natalie said...

I belong to 2 parenting forums. One I love, but there are only about 30 of us on there and a lot of us know each other from real life anyway, we've just all moved around and so we can keep track of each other there. The other one has hundreds of members and has too much drama. I barely go there anymore.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know you've been gifted with a 'sweet treat' over at my blog!

Oh, and I don't literally live in Siberia, just the Siberia of the United States...it's the Colorado/Kansas border and there's NOTHING here. LOL! I laughed when my doctor referred to this area as the Siberia of the US the other day...it's an accurate description.

No Nonsense Girl said...

I belong to one parenting forum, I came there for advices for a friend of mine and have stuck around for over 2 years. There's great people on forums, but also creeps. The breastfeeding.com message boards are awesome. (not just for nursing mom but more for supporters of nursing, friends, whatever. The debate forum is a great place. it's not heavily moderated and we have GREAT debates!!!!

Christine said...

Personally, I think that a moderator's job must be CRAZY boring!

Also, we're one of the only countries on the planet where women don't nurse for years (YEARS!). You think it's weird because modern Western culture has told you it's weird. It's actually normal, natural and what is supposed to happen. That concept is terribly foreign to many Americans. It's a subject worth pursuing. We have really screwed it all up.

crazy working mom said...

The moderator is probably the kid! Heh heh heh

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've been part of a lot of forums where this sort of thing happens. Just move on to another one.