August 14, 2007

Back to School Money Blues

Money, the root of all evil and you never seem to have enough. Twice a month I sit down to pay bills and I always end up depressed. I work so hard for my money but there never seems to be very much left over. The price of gas is killing me. My last gas (fuel) bill was over $300 for one month. Good God!! I don't get it and I don't understand how people that make minimum wage can afford to raise their kids. I make decent pay and I get a little child support monthly but still never really have much room to breathe. Now, its back to school and I'm trying to figure out how to rob Peter to pay Paul. Lets see...what bills can wait?? And what bills can't? I know that this is a dilemma for all people but try doing everything on one income, well, sometimes you have to perform miracles. I do my best not to let it get me down and it is alot better now that I only have one child to buy for instead of two, but things are so dam expensive. First there is new shoes, pants, shirts, undies & socks...then add a back-pack, paper, pencils, pens and folders...before you know it, your $400 dollars down. The best thing to do in this situation is look for sales. I'm lucky, my youngest son isn't as picky as my oldest. I can still buy his shoes at Payless and he prefers wearing Dickies to jeans so that saves some. If I hit a sale for buy one, get one half off on shirts...I should be good. I cant get over how expensive underwear is. I'm going to shop at Walmart for that. I definitely have a plan, and the majority of my bills will be paid but its going to be another month before I have breathing room. Its all good though. I have a roof over my head, love in my life, the utilities are paid, and there is food in the fridge. Not to mention, Ive been much worse off and survived. So all you parents out there going thru the Back-to-School Blues, I'm just letting you know, I feel your pain!!

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