August 4, 2007

Im soooooooo tired.....

I dont know how many of you are single parents but I just wanted to take a minute to vent. Im tired. I work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week...then, come home to my second job. I make dinner, do the dishes, laundry, water the lawn, weed eat, vacuum, and thats after the 15 errands I had to run when I got off work. Im not sure if being married or in a live in relationship actually changes any of this (its been 5 years since Ive lived with someone besides my kids) but man, it sure would be nice to take a weeks vacation from having to do EVERYTHING. I still have one child at home, he's 15. He will do the lawn but not much of anything else. Its not that he cant and wont, its just that, when he does it, its not up to par. There is food left on the dishes, parts of the carpet still has stuff on it after he vacuums, and, lets just say, he uses an awful lot of furniture spray and has yet to learn the art of spreading it evenly. I have a house that sits on 1/2 an acre...I think, when my youngest son is gone, im moving to a condo. I remember a time when I couldnt wait to live in my own house, now, its just too much work. I wish I could get paid for my second job. It would be so nice to hire a house keeper but the thought of someone going through my nooks and crannies just doesnt work for me either. When does Mom get to relax?? 1/2 an hour before bedtime? Some how, that just doesnt seem fair. I love my son, and I would never change the events or circumstances that lead up to my place in life. However, I do wish I could be him for a week....thats all!! Can anybody out there relate to what Im saying????
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