August 28, 2007

Where have all the single people gone??

People that are single these days sometimes find themselves asking, "Where have all the single people gone?" You go to restaurants, to movies, to amusement parks and it seems that everyone is coupled up. Sometimes its a relief, especially if you are just getting out of a bad relationship, but sometimes it's a very lonely feeling. I did some research of the top places to live in the US that have the highest single population and here is what I found:

1. San Francisco
2. New York
3. Los Angeles
4. Atlanta fourth
5. Chicago fifth
6. Washington
7. San Diego
8. Seattle
9. Fort-Worth Texas

Denver, meanwhile, the top-ranked city from 2004 to 2006, has dropped to 16th place. A few new cities have been added, they are Jacksonville, Fla., Memphis and Baltimore. With the holiday season quick approaching, maybe its time to think about relocation or checking out the single sites in those areas. Ive done the holidays both with and without someone in my life and I would have to say, sharing special moments with someone special would have to be my choice. There are several options to chose from but sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself isnt one of them. Its not easy, but nothing worth while in life is. Look at what your community has to offer. Surf the internet for single's sites. I've done alot of internet dating and I would have to say, Ive had more good dates than bad. You meet so many different types of people. You have to be careful and dont invite them to your house on the first date. Use common sense and dont give out your house telephone number as there is a way to do a reverse look up and anyone can get your home address (unless you're unlisted). If the guy is a freak, the last thing you want is him showing up on your door step. Cell phone's are much safer. When you look at the alternative though, what do you have to lose???
Mr. Right wont come knocking on your door. You're going to have to do a little work and put yourself out there.

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