August 17, 2007

Friday Feast

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Describe your laundry routine. Do you have a certain day when you do it all, or do you just wash whatever you need for the next day?

Every day is laundry day!!

In your opinion, what age will you be when you’ll consider yourself to truly be old?

All depends on the day but we'll say 75 for now:)

What is one of your goals? Is it short-term, long-term, or both?

To finish raising the last kid I have left in the house, then, it will be Mama's time to play and live her life the way she wants to.

Main Course
Name something unbelievable you’ve seen or read lately.

That the cost of Social Security Services for Illegal Aliens since 1996 is $397,450,739,563.00

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how happy are you today?

11....its Friday and Im having steak with my honey tonight:)


J.D. Long said...

Gotta love a Mom who raises Navy men! Great Fest -- Thanks!


shirlsd said...

thanks for dropping by my feast. had to check yours out. unbelievable main course?! and great dessert, also. have a good weekend.

tegdirb92 said...

staggering statistic on your main course! Enjoy the weekend.

Mitchypoo said...

Mmmm, sounds good, a steak with the honey! Have fun! Great feast!

Indiana Amy said...

Woah, that number is unbelievable!

sherrypg said...

Thanks for stopping by my place.

My Dad was a Navy man. My husband is an Army guy.

Antoinette said...

Oh wow - your Main Course is truly something!
Enjoy your steak :)

Alison said...

Steak tonight sounds wonderful! Great feast - Happy Friday!

Braden said...

Your main course definitely makes one wonder why a majority of today's politicians insist on catering to illegals.

Shameful, isn't it?

Great feast! Thanks for visiting my own feast, too.

Have a good weekend.

Best -

meowminx said...

Enjoyed your feast - I'm with ya about your appetizer. That main course is just shocking!

Mine's served here.

Have a wonderful evening and a great weekend!

chaucer said...

nice.. FF.. :D

I must say I am really gratefull we dont have to suffer again another flood.. I just hope that all the storm coming here in the phils will not give us a flood.

steak with your honey.. hmm.. sweet!!

-E said...

Thanks for visiting my TT list yesterday.

And you taught me something new with your main course. Enjoy your weekend!

The Gal Herself said...

Love your dessert. What a delicious and romantic way to start your weekend.

Gattina said...

Hehehe loved your main course ! and wait until you are in the 70th you will jump around like a little kitten !

Emmyrose said...

Great feast, thanks for dropping by :)

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my FF!

Yep, deffo old enough to do my own laundry but since I'm at work all day and my mum does hers during the day - separate loads don't make sense and are not environmentally friendly!

Alice Teh said...

WOW to your Dessert! Thanks for the lovely feast and God bless!

Stacey said...

Great Feast! Glad you are feeling happy like an 11. :-) Wooo Hooo for you!

Gill said...

Great feast! I'm with you regarding your goals ;-)