August 11, 2007

Boys vs Girls

The differences between boys and girls is one of life's greatest mysteries, and the debate as to whether these differences are hard-wired or result from gender bias in the way a child is raised, is the big question. Some of the research I've read has made a compelling case. It states that just as there are clear-cut differences between boys and girls, there are differences in brain chemistry as well, differences that influence behavior. Even as babies, (so I've heard) girls are more volatile than boys, who seem more apt to go with the flow. Actually, all thru adolescence my boys were very adaptable. My oldest, however, was more head strong but nothing like what what Ive seen with girls. I thought it was interesting that the more fetal testosterone there is, the faster the right side of the brain develops and the slower the left. This may account for the fact that baby girls often speak earlier than baby boys. Boys are rough and, at my house, it always seemed that one child would end up bleeding. Funny, but it was usually my oldest and that was only because his nose was sensitive from allergies. I've seen what some of my friends have gone thru with girls and, I must say, I am totally glad the Lord blessed me with boys. My boys have always been very protective of me and do what I say, (most of the time, but not always when I ask). Although, my grocery bill has been off the charts for quite some time. However, it went down a little when my oldest son left, but I still end up going to the store 2 to 3 times a week. I would chose that any day over the hormonal roller coaster you get with females in their pre-teen and teenage years. Sometimes I cant even deal with myself let alone another female, and heaven forbid us both being hormonal at the same time!! Having to deal with their girlfriends is hard enough. Single mom's can be successful with raising boys just like single fathers can be with girls. I actually think single mothers do a better job of teaching their son's how to be good men and the deadbeat Dad's teach them how NOT to be when they become parents themselves. It all depends on the kid but they are definitely two different species.

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TeaMouse said...

Let me say from experience you are truly blessed - especially since you ended up a single parent.

I have a son and a daughter and my daughter is so hard to deal with. She is moodier than a woman with severe PMS - no jokes! Most days we are walking on egg shells afraid we'll set her off - and it hasn't just been since she turned into a teen, she has been like this since a young toddler.

Actually she started off with colic and we joke with her that she just never stopped screaming.